Brant Jacklin, Operations Manager and President
Phone (519) 336-4328, Extension 222

John McInnis, Vice President
Phone (519) 336-4328, Extension 240

Founding and Structure of the Company

AFL is a privately held company founded by and currently owned by Brant Jacklin and John McInnis. Both are highly experienced in the field of fabrication and Heat Exchangers, and hold full-time management positions in the company.

Mr. Jacklin functions as the Operations Manager. Mr. Jacklin is a Certified Welding Technologist and CGSB Level II NDE Technician, and has extensive experience in materials, welding, NDE, manufacturing, with particular focus on Heat Exchanger manufacturing. Mr. Jacklin was a Principle of Alloy Fab Ltd. which was a well-respected Heat Exchanger manufacturer from 1987 until 2006. In 2006, Alloy Fab Ltd. was acquired by Koch Heat Transfer and was operated as Koch Heat Transfer Canada LP. Mr. Jacklin transitioned from General Manager at Alloy Fab Ltd. to the position of President and COO of Koch Heat Transfer through 2007.

Mr. McInnis holds Bachelor and Master of Engineering Science degrees, is a Professional Engineer licensed in Ontario, and was Engineering Manager for Alloy Fab Ltd., Koch Heat Transfer Canada LP, and Alliance Fabricating Ltd. from 1995 to 2022. Through the period of 2006 through 2010 Mr. McInnis held the position of Engineering Manager and Commercial Director for Koch Heat Transfer Canada LP. Mr. McInnis is experienced in the specification, thermal/hydraulic design, mechanical design, and manufacturing of Heat Exchangers.

Mr. Jacklin and Mr. McInnis joined forces to found AFL in 2011 to provide high quality Heat Exchanger designs and manufacturing. The entry to the market was intended to be initially small but with focus on highly Engineered products requiring advanced materials such as controlled chemistry Carbon Steel, Low Alloy, Stainless Steel, Alloys, and Clad/Weld Overlay. As part of the start-up AFL acquired its initial ASME quality certificates and joined HTRI.

AFL is closely connected to a prior company called Alloy Fab Ltd. Alloy Fab operated in Sarnia from 1987 through 2006. During that time Alloy Fab was an approved supplier to many of the large multinational energy companies and developed an excellent reputation for value and quality. Mr. Jacklin was a principle in that company and functioned as the General Manager starting in 1992, while Mr. McInnis held the position of Engineering Manager starting in 1995.

In early 2012 AFL acquired the shop and assets previously owned by Alloy Fab Ltd. / Koch Heat Transfer Canada LP (Sarnia) and transferred operations to that location. This acquisition brought the following key assets to the new company:

  • Shop with heavy lift capacity
  • Well-equipped machine shop which included CNC drilling
  • Variety of specialized welding and fabricating equipment.
  • Technical records and quality system developed by Alloy Fab Ltd.
  • Name and trademarks previously owned by Alloy Fab Ltd.
  • The highly skilled workforce, many members of which had worked with the Principles at Alloy Fab Ltd. and Koch Heat Transfer Canada LP.

Since the 2012 acquisition, AFL has grown from approximately twenty employees to approximately 100,000 sq.ft of manufacturing space and over 100 employees. In addition to staffing skilled trades in the shop, AFL has focused on recruiting experienced professionals to handle Thermal/Hydraulic Heat Exchanger Design, Mechanical Design, Drafting, Estimating, Material Procurement, and Quality Control.