Alliance Fabricating Ltd. offers a comprehensive technical capability including:

  • In-house Heat Exchanger Design and Rating (member of HTRI)
  • Licensed Helixchanger ® manufacturer
  • In-house Mechanical Design and Drafting.
  • Extensive experience base for weld procedure development
  • In-house and subcontract NDE
  • Highly skilled workforce of machinists, welders, fitters, and assemblers
  • In-house Modular Post Weld Heat Treat Furnace

In addition to core capabilities, Alliance Fabricating Ltd. routinely installs vessel internals (trays, demisters, coalescers) and can provide shop painting and insulation for virtually any project.

Our Modular Furnace was designed to accommodate a variety of Equipment sizes and geometries and the generic Panel Design facilitates customization to suit project needs. Our Furnace is erected inside the Shop which eliminates weather-related schedule and quality complications.